The projects put forth by Fault Line Seeds are consciously developed. I find joy in using my creative vision to produce a product with a unique profile and unmatched quality. It is always my desire to see a successful crop and to let the plants’ beauty truly shine. Built on a foundation of vigor and uniformity and finished with the magic expressed as the plants mature, only the most outstanding specimens are selected to pass their genetics on to future generations.

It is along the fault lines that every variety is destined to find a home to flourish: from the valley floors, the temperate coasts, the wooded mountains, the lush meadows to the arid deserts. We owe our gratitude to the fault lines and parent materials of the land. This is where we all grow, together. The way I see it, the joy is in tapping into the plant as medicine and listening to its sacred voice.

Be well and do good work.



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